This week, I plan to test my new blog and get some feedback from friends. There are three topics of discussion that I want to cover:

  1. Looking Glass Mondays. I’ll write a reflection to chew on for the week.
  2. Midweek Spotlight. Each week, I will spotlight something new (to me and hopefully to you as well). This week I will write on the notion of raising a “successful” child in light of a recent talk I attended by Madeline Levine. Just last week (a day before her newest book, Teach Your Children Well was released), she gave a preview and answered some poignant questions from NYC parents. I’ll share my notes and begin to include some of my questions and takeaways from reading the book (see also Judith Warner’s review in the New York Times).
  3. Merry Friday. As the weekend approaches, I’ll share something fun (something to make, see or do) that I have in store for my weekend and hopefully yours too!

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