Yes, today I promised to share with you my ideas. This, of course, forces me to present them in some organized fashion. But as you can see, this will be something less pretty.

  • Books. I want to read more. Part of the problem is that I force myself to read things that I really don’t want to be reading. Fast fix: I’ll pick things that I want to read. And then, I’ll share what I’m learning. Because maybe something I didn’t know will be something that you didn’t know either.
  • Interviews/Guest bloggers. My friends are just so amazing. They also happen to be incredibly diverse in so many ways. Amazing people have amazing things to say. Amazing things coupled with diverse perspectives = stuff worth reading.
  • Recipes. I like to cook. But lately, I just cook food friendly for 17-month-old children with just some front teeth and a molar on each quadrant of their mouths (generally speaking), and when my husband (on rare occasions) eats at home, I do home cooked meals with simple things he likes… like meatloaf. I am a culinary masochist or  just old-fashioned, so I make this dish as complicated and time-intensive as possible. That makes me happy because yes, meatloaf can be fun! He would say that he loves anything I make, which for better or worse, he actually does. If there is some equivalent of rose-colored glasses for the sense of taste, I’d say that his love for me gives him that. If I finally let myself believe what he says, then maybe I’d finally cook more for others without worrying that I’m not Ina Garten. Wait not Ina… she makes it easy :p. I make everything more complicated. It’s my unwanted talent.
  • Career. I’m not really much of anything by way of a career woman. But I’ll talk about my journey of asking myself the question of what I want in life. I’ve never really known how to think about that. I thought I did. Ironically, I know that I’ve made it to my destination. I just need to figure out what to do with where I am now.
  • Personal life. I’m still not sure about how much to share. But I’ll have to go with my gut. This topic doesn’t seem to lend itself well to rules.

Okay, so that wasn’t so much of a mess after all. I guess I surprise myself sometimes. Next week, I’ll be talking about raising “successful” children :). 


all ears

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