away we go!

On Sunday night, husband and I plan to put munchkin in the car seat at his bedtime and drive up to Boston. Little does he know that post college, Mommy and Daddy spent 6 years travelling back and forth over this very route to see each other. We were college sweethearts turned long-distance ascetics of sorts.

I made a post about my favorite things to do in Boston on be merry and bright, but now that the trip is approaching, I’ll tell you what I’ll actually be doing on this 3-day trip. Though we are going to attend a conference, I can’t wait to see some friends (and their respective munchkins) for brunch, eat a burrito at Felipe’s, and squeeze in a visit to The Museum of Science. If we can, I’d also like to walk through Beacon Hill (something I used to do every Sunday) and take a ride on a swan boat (something I have never done before).

My ambitious agenda also involves blogging during my trip. Rather than pre-schedule some posts, I’m really hoping to share about how I feel when I get there. I’ll write about my life as a grad student and my leave of absence. Emotionally, this will be a harder trip than anyone can imagine. I feel a mixture of joy and sadness at the thought of returning to a place where I have unfinished business. So rather than think about this or get my hopes up (for the epiphany that I’ve been desperate for), I’ll think about the fun weekend ahead and the aforementioned highlights of the trip to come.

In addition to my completely veiled exhortation for you to visit the great city of Boston, for this Merry Friday, I’ve chosen a pasta salad recipe that you can try along with me! I’ve got a farewell BBQ to attend on Saturday and this is what husband, munchkin, and I have chosen to bring: Asparagus, Snap Pea, and Avocado Pasta by Allison Stockman. After poring over the reviews, I did sense that the recipe needed an acid, so I’ll plan to add lemon juice and zest. Enjoy!

recipe photo source: martha stewart

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