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2 weeks into blogging, and I’m already behind! 4 entries to be exact.

I did blog while in Cambridge, but my entries never made it to the publishing stage. Somewhere between editing and nodding off to sleep at 1am, I decided that what I had written was best left as a draft. I hope to recover some of these musings to share with you over the coming weeks.

Maybe it’s because this was our last trip of the summer or maybe it’s because I went back to campus, but I feel that my heart is already ready for fall.

Pilar Guzmán, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living, wrote in her September issue letter something about fall prompting us to hit our reset buttons. For Guzmán, this was in reference to home organization. But for me…

…it’s something about the air changing, the leaves turning into shades of fire, the ground full of crumpled leaves – all seeming to make room for the barren winter and renewal to come. It’s my favorite season. Everything just seems right and fresh in a way that no other time does. School starts. The post-Labor Day work grind begins. It’s like we get a chance to reset and rewrite how we’ve been doing things. Order springs forth as the chaotic summer months end.

I didn’t realize it, but I feel as though I’ve been in a fall reset ever since October 2011 when I started therapy shortly after I turned 30. I feel like I’ve been breathing new air, and all the old leaves of my past have fallen. There seemed to be an emptiness with not knowing what to do after I mourned and let go. But now, I feel more strength in this place of uncertainty. Like it’s exactly where I need to be.

What type of season are you in? And what are you looking forward to this fall? I’m looking forward to layering up, being outdoors, getting inspired with the changing colors, and taking plunges into the unknown.

So there you have it. My “Looking Glass Monday” one day late. Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about blogging. It’ll be interesting for sure with perspectives from two seasoned bloggers.

photo source: via C on Pinterest

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