where to begin


I have a really long story to tell, and I don’t quite know where to begin. For that reason, I guess for a while, I didn’t think that I could start writing it.

But today, I figure that I will tell it in bits – starting with the now. And one day, like a storyboard, I will put all the vignettes together and see the big picture of what happened. The big “score” of my life.

I have never composed a piece of music. But now I wonder, did Mozart start in the middle too? A professor once told me to write the paper from the middle. Talk about the data and findings then craft the story around it.

But I always felt that I needed to start with the intro. If I didn’t have a great intro, I couldn’t get myself to begin. And it had to be a perfect intro. So I would perfect and perfect and perfect. But in doing that, something was lost. The story was lost. It became about where I thought it would go rather than where it would lead me.

I also felt that I didn’t want to start because, in time, the meaning of my story will shift. My interpretation of the same event may be different on April 2, 2013 when I am 31 years old than on April 2, 2033 when I am 51 years old.

But if for these reasons, I wait and wait, I will become very old or already dead and then, nothing will have been started at all.

So, I’ll begin sharing because I trust that it makes sense to start now. I trust that this won’t be in vain. And as I begin to write, I’ll trust that I’ll become far better at telling my story when I am 51 than I am now.

Please stay tuned for my first installment :).

source: via Sara on Pinterest

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